Case study

Freedom to do more.

Buiding a new brand for The Access Group.

The Access Group

We love branding projects to really work hard for
our clients and speak directly to their customers.

For Access we started with a major customer insight project that meant interviewing around 60 of their existing customers. The resulting commonality – of what these customers needed from a business process optimisation software vendor like Access – set the foundation of the new brand architecture we built for them.

In the mid-market, where Access play, companies are looking primarily for improvements in productivity. As their businesses grow, so too does their admin and reporting burden. So, they look to technology to create efficiencies, freeing them to do more of what they set-up their organisations to do in the first place.


Access help clients in healthcare, education and a further six sectors to do more. These are businesses often without technical expertise in-house. They look to Access for seamless implementation and ongoing support on tap.

The three brand pillars

For Access we created three brand pillars of ‘Vital Productivity, Tangible Efficiency and Lifetime Customer Focus’.


This culminated in a new brand essence of ‘Freedom’ and the tagline, ‘Freedom to do more’, a line that really chimes with existing and new business.

We launched this internally with a 40pp brand story sent to every employee and events and education in all their offices. Next came a messaging site that extrapolated the brand to a divisional level.


And finally, workshops to incorporate the brand into all nine divisions’ propositions.

‘Freedom to do more’ has been well received by customers and readily adopted by sales as a kind of shorthand for what the company both stands for and delivers. It has become a mantra that now runs through the business, helping cross-selling and creating new opportunities. And it’s something that everyone at Access understands and is proud of.

At 1st Objective we are proud too!