Keeping it ‘proof-essional’

While you shouldn’t cramp your style with gruelling grammar or pedantic punctuation, one lonely typo or a schoolboy howler and you’ve lost your campaign’s credibility.

Creative with iterative messages in multiple formats can be tiresome to keep a check on after each round of amends or studio changes. The more familiar you become with the text, the less you notice the surface errors. It is all too easy to lose focus and to miss things, especially as deadlines get tight.

1st Objective’s in-house proofreading and subediting service lets you sleep easy. We check, double-check and triple-check as well as emend and polish, no matter where your campaign is created.

Good proofreading is like good health- you don’t notice it when you have it, you notice it when you don’t.

And, did you spot the typo in the triangle?